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  • 1500+ Photos Projected
  • 60+ Giveways
Photos for your Big Screen

Anyone attending your event can share live photos and send them to the big screen

Fantastic Giveaways

Create giveaways using a slot machine with the profile pictures of your attendees

Secure and Private

Only your attendees can log in, share and view the photos of your event

Easy To Use

Super simple web interface designed to work in any mobile phone, for iOS or Android

Events Features

Lots of great features designed to create memorable moments for your Company Event

Photos by your attendees

Project photos taken by your attendes on a big screen.

Comment with ease

Add small comments to each photo to give context and impact.

Great Giveaways

Slot machine like giveaways to boost your event.

No app needed!

Available for both iOS and Android with a modern web UI.

Friendly Admin UI

Super easy web admin UI to manage your users and events.

Friendly online support

Supported by the developers that actually use the app!

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Pricing Plan

We believe in making simple and fair pricing plans. Choose your next successful plan and get started today!


Up to 50 attendees
200. 00 Event


Up to 250 attendees
500. 00 Event


Up to 1000 attendees
900. 00 Event


we believe in making simple and fair pricing plans. Choose your next successful plan and get started today!.

Events is an unique online solution that enhances your company events. It has different tools that create great experiences for your attendees. You can share photos of your event and participate in giveaways.

Every attendee can log in to Events using their mobile phones. They can take pictures of your events, add a brief comment, and upload them to the "big screen". You can project those photos at any moment, and create a "live feed" of photos for your event!

You can organize giveaways for your event, and each attendee can participate. Each giveaway is projected on a big screen, using a slot machine like interface, that creates big impact and its lots of fun!

As an event organizer, you have exclusive access to the Web Admin UI. You can manage all your attendees, upload avatar photos, and more!

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